Ask Dr. Bleedingheart

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Dear Dr. Bleedingheart,
Should I worry that crickets have decided to move into my basement this winter? Thankfully, they are rather polite tenants and respectful of quiet hours. Although generally nondestructive, they are eating the…


December 16, 2009

Ask Dr. Bleedingheart

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Dear Dr. Bleedingheart,
My girlfriend and I are about to spend our first Christmas together, and already we’re having problems.  She insists on getting a real tree, not to mention garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, and just…


December 14, 2009

Lessons for Grown-ups from Children’s Books

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We’re pleased to turn today’s post over to our Senior Editor, Amy Gash. Read below as she talks about how she dreamed up the idea for What the Dormouse Said!
I love quotations. I collect…


December 10, 2009

Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin Appraisals

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Welcome to the December edition of Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin Appraisals. We had some great entries from readers this time around, and we hope more of you will be inspired to submit your own treasures (interpret…


December 2, 2009

Southern Belly Redux

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John T. Edge, “the Faulkner of Southern food” (the Miami Herald) and author of  Southern Belly: The Ultimate Food Lover’s Companion to the South is today’s guest author. He’ll be popping in on our blog…


November 24, 2009

Bill Smith’s Top Tips for Thanksgiving

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It’s been a long time since I have had to cook the whole meal at Thanksgiving. The fact that I am not afraid to make gravy generally proves to be contribution enough.  At my mother’s…


November 18, 2009

Lauren Grodstein Recommends . . .

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Today’s blog post comes from A Friend of the Family author Lauren Grodstein. We asked her to tell us about her favorite books, and she provided us with this great list!
I’ve been traveling around…


November 13, 2009

Interview with Tim Crothers

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Tim Crothers, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Hard Work, was kind enough to answer some questions about his latest project.
Algonquin: How did you come to write this book with Coach Williams? Did…


November 9, 2009

Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin Appraisals

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Welcome to the second installation of Emyl Jenkins’ Algonquin appraisals. The author of the Sterling Glass mysteries, The Big Steal and Stealing with Style, gives us the lowdown on our office treasures. Want in on…


November 5, 2009

Chris Welles Feder Would Like to Introduce You to Her Father — Orson Welles

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After living an intensely private life, why did I decide to come out of hiding and write about my famous father, Orson Welles?  Because there are so many books out there about him, but none…