Giveaway Monday: A Wedding in Haiti

March 11, 2013 • No Comments

Travel beyond borders and between families with Julia Alvarez, as she journeys to the title event, a wedding in Haiti, and so much further. It is a journey beyond culture and country and into the…


March 7, 2013 mybookstore3d.jpg

Happy World Book Day Giveaway!

6 Comments March 7, 2013 • 6 Comments

In honor of World Book Day, we’re giving away a copy of My Bookstore from our friends at Black Dog & Leventhal. It’s a book of essays about bookstores written by the authors who wrote…


March 6, 2013 fermented-liquors-table-of-contents.jpg

Our book sommelier finds a fine vintage

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Like fine wines, some books just get better with age. Our resident liquor afficionado, gardening expert, bookstore owner, and author, Amy Stewart, has found a fine vintage in the 1858 publication of Fermented Liquors: a…


March 4, 2013 Drunken-Botanist-thumbnail.jpg

Happy Hour Giveaway Monday: The Drunken Botanist

2 Comments March 4, 2013 • 2 Comments

Welcome to Happy Hour at Algonquin Books! We have a two-for-one special this evening on today’s Giveaway Monday book,
The Drunken Botanist
by Amy Stewart
The randomly chosen winner of today’s Giveaway Monday book will…


March 1, 2013 timthumb.php_2.png

Lucky 7 for March: Be a Sport

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March Madness, spring training, and the soon-to-bloom azaleas at Augusta National beckon us this time of year. It’s the sporting season, and we have just the e-books to get you in the swing. Buy any…


February 28, 2013 julia-alvarez-latina-poet-0410-400_0.jpeg

February Lucky 7 last day!

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The last day of the month means that today is your last chance to get these Julia Alvarez e-books for only $1.99.  With such a short month, February has flown by!  But before it’s over,…


February 27, 2013 cherry-in-a-glass.jpg

It’s OK to be bitters (with a cherry on top)

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Amy Stewart is not a bitter woman. She’s quite delightful, actually. But she’s gone totally ga-ga for DIY kits for making your own bitters on her blog.
Don’t know much about bitters, you say?…


February 25, 2013 Jones_AllWomanSpringtime_TNblog.jpg

Giveaway Monday: All Woman and Springtime

3 Comments February 25, 2013 • 3 Comments

This evening edition of Giveaway Monday strikes at the perfect hour for Hawaii-based author Brandon Jones. And his unforgettable prose will strike you as he brings to life an unforgerttable story of resilience. In honor…


February 25, 2013 clyde-edgerton1.jpg

Win 2 Tickets to SOLD-OUT Writers for Readers Event!

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Tomorrow night’s Writers for Readers event is a tough ticket here in The Triangle, but we’ve got two tickets for you! Enter below — before 5pm today — for a chance to win two tickets,…


February 20, 2013 liquor-shelves2.jpg

Message in a Bottle from Amy Stewart

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Writing a book on the plants that create the liquors we drink sounds like a research dream in some respects. And Amy Stewart certainly won’t disagree. In researching her new book, The Drunken Botanist, Amy…