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Today we’ll be giving away a copy of Wells Towers’ Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned along with a copy of New Stories from the South, 2010. To enter, leave a comment here or on our Facebook…


August 17, 2010

AN INTERVIEW WITHKathy Pories, Series Editor

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Algonquin Books is proud to celebrate a quarter-century’s worth of stellar short stories with the publication of its annual anthology, NEW STORIES FROM THE SOUTH.
Over the course of the week, we’ll be featuring spotlight…


August 16, 2010

New Stories Week New Stories From The South 2010

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On August 17, Algonquin will publish its 25th volume of New Stories from the South, guest edited this year by short story master Amy Hempel. Hempel has selected 25 stories by 24 authors (yes, one…


August 13, 2010

Arcade Fire Tops Charts–Topples Eminem

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THE SUBURBS–the new album from ARCADE FIRE, the Montreal-based, indie-rock sensation–has landed at #1 on Billboard’s Album Chart, beating out Eminem’s “Recovery” and Lady Gaga’s “The Fame.” Total copies sold in the first week? 156,000!…


August 13, 2010

Friday The 13th A Toast To Poe

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Happy Friday the 13th! Or is it Unhappy …
Either way, it’s a Friday and it’s a day of note so there must be festivities and there must be a toast. And who better to…


August 12, 2010

That’s a Wrap!

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After an exciting three months of movie updates and set photos, the Water for Elephants film has wrapped. With an announced release date of April 15, we now have to wait eight long months for…


August 11, 2010

Canning with Granny Shirley

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Despite my 6 year jaunt in New York City and my love of 3-inch high heels, I’m one of those GRITS at heart (for those of you not familiar with this term, it stands for…


August 6, 2010

Ask Dr. Bleedingheart

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Dear Dr. Bleedingheart,
Help! There’s this really cute guy working at a local bookstore near my office and I’d love to ask him out. But every time I go into the store he’s busy with…


August 3, 2010

More From Merge: The New Arcade Fire Album

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Arcade Fire, the indie-rock band that surprised everyone with its meteoric rise, releases its third CD, “The Suburbs,” today. The album is already receiving amazing reviews and attention, like this New York Times feature from…


August 2, 2010

Make A Toast At The Round Table

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Algonquin Books can’t help but feel a special bond with Dorothy Parker and the members of the Algonquin Round Table, despite the fact that we are not, as many believe, named after the Algonquin Round…