September 7, 2012 Shapiro_ArtForger_TNblog.jpg

Inside Look: B.A. Shapiro website

No Comments September 7, 2012 • No Comments Take a gallery walk with B.A. Shapiro and her brand new website: It’s a feast for the senses.   Read an excerpt from one of the big buzz books of Fall 2012 — The Art Forger. “Classy and pleasurably suspenseful…Shapiro artfully turns a clever caper into a provocative meditation on what we value most,” said Booklist. Watch the stunning book trailer, tracing the heist of $500 million of a...


November 17, 2013 Smith_GuestsonEarth_TNblog.jpg

Giveaway and video Tuesday: Guests on Earth

2 Comments November 17, 2013 • 2 Comments Watch this mini-documentary about the amazing Lee Smith and how she came to write Guests on Earth, which publishes today. This isn’t a book trailer. It’s worth a midday break to watch. Promise. This is a remarkable, personal journey through Lee’s life and how she came to write this novel. As Lee says, “It’s a book that’s been waiting for me to write it.”  ...


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Lucky 7 e-books for June: Adult Swim

No Comments June 1, 2013 • No Comments Water, water everywhere, and so many books to read. Get into the swim of summer with a dip into these Lucky 7 e-books for June — all just $1.99 throughout the month. Watery Part of the World by Michael Parker: This vast and involving novel about pirates and slaves, treason and treasures, madness and devotion, takes place on a tiny island battered by storms and cut off from the world. Inspired by two little-known moments in history, it beg...


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What You See in the Dark Giveaway!

24 Comments June 2, 2011 • 24 Comments We’re giving away five copies of Manuel Muñoz’s new novel What You See in the Dark and five gorgeous broadsides created by Ander Monson , the multi-talented author of Vanishing Point and Other Electricities. The broadside features Monson’s original artwork and an excerpt from the novel, which NPR just picked as one of the top five mysteries for the summer!   “Manuel Munoz’s debut mystery, What You See in the Dar...


July 6, 2012 Alvarez_Julia_rgb_LR.jpg

Julia Alvarez: An Interview with Mark Kurlansky

No Comments July 6, 2012 • No Comments In A Wedding in Haiti, Julia Alvarez takes us on a journey–a journey to Haiti, a journey to the joys and burdens of love, a journey beyond borders and between families. “She is the ideal travel companion—witty and observant and, as in all of Julia Alvarez’s writing, compassionate and full of heart,” said Mark Kurlansky, the bestselling author of  Cod and his brand new book Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man. “A Wedding I...


September 22, 2010


No Comments September 22, 2010 • No Comments Jay Varner , author of the brilliant memoir Nothing Left to Burn , offers some insights on the origins of his memoir, the tricky business of writing about a small town, good books, and good music, as well as a nod to Saved By The Bell. Enjoy! I’m always intrigued by epigraphs and the one in your book, Nothing Left to Burn, is quite beautiful. You quote from Tennessee Williams’ The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore: ....


July 7, 2010

Water For Wednesdays

No Comments July 7, 2010 • No Comments Because the closest I care to get to a circus is Robert Pattinson’s trailer. Water For Elephants: Movie News The buzz surrounding the Water For Elephants film has people asking “Wait a minute–can Robert Pattinson survive without his Edward Cullen alter ego?” In the wake of the “Twilight: Eclipse” premiere, even hardcore fan pages are starting to post WFE movie updates–and we couldn’t be more plea...


June 22, 2010

Excerpt: Lucky Girl

No Comments June 22, 2010 • No Comments Lucky you, today we have the first chapter of Mei-Ling Hopgood‘s memoir Lucky Girl. Adopted when she was a baby, Mei-Ling Hopgood grew up in the Midwest and was never really curious about her Asian roots. Then one day, when she was in her twenties, her birth family finally came calling–on the phone, on the computer, by fax–in a language she didn’t understand. The Wangs wanted her to return home. But this unexpected reunio...


November 3, 2009

HARD WORK: On Sale Today! Plus a BIG giveaway!

33 Comments November 3, 2009 • 33 Comments Today is the first day that you can buy Coach Roy Williams‘ new memoir Hard Work; A Life On and Off the Court. His autobiography describes his hardscrabble childhood in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and the experiences which helped to inspire in him the determination and hard work which shaped his success. The book spells out how he recruits, teaches, and motivates his players, and how he’s shepherded teams through some o...


October 22, 2009

HARD WORK It’s here! It’s here!

No Comments October 22, 2009 • No Comments It's not very often that Algonquin publishes a book with a hard On Sale Date (meaning no one is allowed to sell the book before a certain day). There's something about those orange stickers that immediately heightens the excitement! On Sale November 3rd! We’ve been working around the clock to make sure everyone knows about Coach Roy Williams’ first book, Hard Work; A Life On and Off the Court, when it goes on sale November...